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Our guarantees

1. Terms of delivery:

1.1. Yes gift delivery service guarantees the fulfillment of your order according to your choice and delivery to the address specified in the order. The delivery address can be changed at the wish of a receiver.
1.2. The orders are fulfilled once the payment is received within the period specified by a customer when placing an order.
1.3. In case of canceling of an order (more than 1 day):
1.3.1. We guarantee the repayment of money except the charge for the retransfer.
1.3.2. It is retained 15% plus the charge for the retransfer.
1.4 When it is impossible to fulfill a delivery because of:
1.4.1. Incorrect address of a receiver.
1.4.2. The receiver is absent (he\she moved, is away on holiday etc.)
1.4.3. Incorrect personal details of a customer which dont allow contacting with this customer.
1.4.4. The receiver refused to accept the gift.
1.4.5. Cancelling of an order less than 1 day.
1.4.6. The recipient doesn't reside at a specified in the order address, but the delivery is made without a preliminary coordination with the recipient as requested by the customer.

The paid amount is not refunded to a customer.

In case of unfulfillment of an order which was paid and placed in time and caused due to a fault of Present it is guaranteed the repayment of money in the full extent.

2. Substitution policy:

2.1. If the order cannot be fulfilled due to the independent of the service reasons (absence of required flowers or fruits in this season), the team of our service has the right to substitute them to the similar ones or even to the goods of better quality after the coordination with a customer. In this case, the additional costs are incurred by Yes company.
2.2. 2.2.If the cost for some goods has changed and the order has been paid yet, the recalculation of the order cost is not performed. The order is fulfilled according to the cost that was effective at the time of making the order.

3. Quality assurance:

3.1. 3.1.If the customer is not satisfied with the order fulfillment or with the quality of the delivered bunch, please contact with a support team no later than within 24 hours after the delivery. Flowers are perishable products so why we cannot substitute them or repay if you dont inform us in time about the problem.
3.2. 3.2.If you are not satisfied with the service of our company at any stage of placing or fulfillment of your order (work of a manager, currier, interface of a web site etc.) you can leave a comment in a Comments book. Your comment will be reviewed within 2 working days and the answer will be sent on the email specified when placing an order.

Our service makes its best for timely and qualitative fulfillment of orders. Each of your comment or suggestion is thoroughly reviewed. We behave to our customers with a gentle hand and do our best for our service gives joy to you and your loved people.

The orders fulfillment quality is guaranteed by a good formed system of representatives selection. As a rule our company has several competitive representatives in each city. The orders placed on our web site are processed by our managers in the head office.

After that with the help of special software, they choose the best representative in this region. The computer-based system takes into account 58 criterions including: efficiency, cost of goods, range of goods, customer feedbacks and other information which determine the representative rating. The order is given to the best representative in this region. Thus you can be sure that your order will be fulfilled by the best representative with a perfect rate. In this regard, we ask our customers to leave their comments about the work of our company as it not only helps other customers to make the right choice, but also affect the rating of a representative. Such a severe control system allows our company to maintain the high level of customer assistants and guarantee a good quality.

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